Souvenirs Of Russia


Russian Federation is the biggest country in the world, both because of huge territory and because of our national structure. In each place of our immense country we have different traditions, customs and ceremonies. There are a lot of things which represent Russian spirit, both of them is difficult to get abroad. We can offer and tell you about things which could be a good present for you and to your friends.


The first and the most popular souvenir from Russia is nesting doll, which Russians calls Matryoshka. It’s a set of painted wooden toy in the form of a doll. The secret of this toy is that Matryoshka doll has the same smaller copy inside, which has, in turn, another figure inside of it, and so on. The number of nested figures especially varies from three to five, but sometimes it can be more than fifty copies of hidden dolls inside one big. The name “Matryoshka” is a diminutive from of popular among to peasant families Russian female name Matryona or Matryosha. The traditional way to remind about Russia is to present a nested doll. That gift or a souvenir is the best known symbol of Russia in Europe and other countries around the world.


The second beauty present from Russia is Pavlovo Posad shawls. Crafts are subdivided according to several characteristics such as: fabric , it can be cotton, kapron or wool crafts, special drawing and size. While travelling Russia you might see a lot of girls and women wearing this shawl. This is the best wardrobe thing to dress in cold seasons. Traditionally in Russia this is the present for ladies, but probably every women around the world will be glad to receive this gift from Russia, because of this sightly ornamental drawing can satisfy the taste of any fashionable woman.


The third popular present from Russia is Valenky. Whatever in your country is not so cold winters, like in Russia, it doesn’t matter, because you will appreciate the quality of this shoes. White or black, this warm footwear won’t leave indifferent anyone. This shoes reveals all Russian open hearted soul. The name Valenok means “made by felting”. Felt boots are made of hundred percentage wool felt, it makes them thrillingly comfortable and worm footwear for the most hard frosts. Everyone likes Valenky, this is one of the best gift.


The fourth perfect present from Russia is Khokhloma. Khokhloma or khokhloma painting it’s traditional Russian wood handicraft style, best known because of special vivid flower patterns with gold and red colors over a black background. Also it’s national ornament. The furniture and wooden tableware with khokhloma painting looks more heavier and metal-like. The traditions of khokhloma painting came from the Koverninsky District of the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. You can see the unique works of Khokhloma in a national Khokhloma museum, and no one will not be disappointed in this beautiful and fascinating views. Also you can address to us if you want to take this product of Russian arts with you back to your country, and we will be glad to give you this wonderful souvenir.


Matryoshka concierge always will provide you the best presents from Russia. If you want to know more about this souvenirs call us and we will be glad to describe you everything that you’re interested about.


23 January 2015



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